Spa & Wellness


Even if it's only for the 440m2 of magnificent Spa & Wellness space it's worth staying at the hotel Aubamar Suites & Spa. We all need to remove ourselves from the mundane noise of everyday life from time to time and dedicate some time to taking care of ourselves and there's no better way to do that than in outstanding surroundings, where everything is designed to favour mental and physical wellbeing.

The Spa & Wellness facilities at the Aubamar Suites & Spa in Playa de Palma take full advantage of the multiple ways we can use water to benefit our health. Use of the Spa is free for guests during their stay. Clients can also book specific high quality health and beauty treatments in a private room at an additional cost.

For those of you that refuse to interrupt your usual fitness routine whilst on holiday, our centre also has a fully equipped gym on site.




The Spa & Wellness zone at the hotel Aubamar Suites & Spa occupies 440m2 and includes a covered pool with water jets. It also has themed showers, a biothermal shower, jacuzzi, cold water pool, ice fountain, classic sauna and a Sanarium (a gentle sauna with a lower temperature and humidity level to enhance the relaxation experience).

The treatment rooms at the complex provide a select catalogue of experiences designed to enhance our appearance or our physical health.

Physical exercise is also a part of the wellness concept and so we provide a gym for our guests which covers an area of 65m2 and has the very latest in machines for aerobic and muscular work.